Final Project Presentation

Before the final presentation took place, we broke it up into sections for each member to share. In regards to the paper, we all took one section to complete.Our goal for this project was to promote NJ’s Keep it Green Open Space Month, a campaign working to increase awareness of nature conservation efforts. I was responsible for Open Spacesection 4 which was People. The audience is an important aspect in all business models. It’s imperative to know your target audience because that’s who you wish to appeal to and who you depend on to utilize your product, etc. They influence how the word spreads and where it spreads to.


Gathering Materials

For the NJ, Keep it Green project, we are going to need different materials for the different components of the project. originally, we were going to create a film advocating wildlife preservation, however, that didn’t really go as planned. so on to plan B…We are not looking to set up various social media accounts dedicated to wildlife/nature conservation. within these will be photos and videos emphasizing the importance of this organization, while also trying to spread the word as far as it can go. A campaign is useless if it doesn’t reach its intended audience. anyway, we will need multiple accounts, pictures, videos (different art), etc. I work near a walking trail and I plan on taking pictures of that nature to include in our project. we will also be using a hashtag of some sort because that is one way of making the page easy to find and stay a part of. the group has been trying to also gather actual facts on New Jersey’s conservation efforts along with statistics and dangers. our ultimate goal is to spread awareness and recruit support for this issue.


sto·ry·board –> a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a movie or television production.

storyboards are meant to help organize the game plan for any type of project you may be doing. they consist of pictures and notes that allow the author to visualize their idea on paper before translating it into a video or whatever it may be.

While putting our group storyboard together, we noticed that it made things easier to see. once we had one part down, we were able to go back and edit it and figure out where we need to add or take out certain points. going over our idea in class was helpful because it pointed out what things we need to include such as, point of view, how many videos we need, whether it was going to be two separate or one all together, the length, and if we were going to include a voice over. from there, we were able to split up the jobs needed to complete this project.

we are still trying to perfect the beginning stages of this project but it is coming together.

Open Space Month

For the upcoming group project, we have chosen to create a video to advertise Open Space Month for NJ’s Keep it Green organization. our goal is to bring awareness to New Jersey residence about our state’s nature and the need for its preservation. we would like to visit the wildlife nature reserve located on Rutgers Livingston campus. we wanted to give the viewers a look at what lies within the woods, behind all the buildings and parking lots. the video would be from our perspective, narrowing in on certain topics that are of great importance to the economy and land we live on.  we hope to get more people involved in the protection of these lands that the species that live within them.



There are thousands of memes on the Internet and people come up with new ones everyday. When thinking about memes, the following three appealed to me the most because they were very relatable. Memes are normally humorous and I love ones that really make me laugh. The crying Jordan face has become one of the most popular ones out there right now. The grumpy cat has been around for a while now and since The Office is such a popular show, the memes made from that are very well known. These three display different emotions and I don’t know why they are so funny but they are and people clearly like them because they are posted everywhere. Memes are intended to share symbols, thoughts, or ideas through pictures and writing.

A successful meme definitely provides entertainment to the viewer. I feel like the faster it’s spread, viewed, and seen, the more successful it was. All college students can relate to sleep deprivation, the need for caffeine, and the stress of exams when you leave studying until the last minute. I think memes target younger audiences in college because they relate the most. I see memes everyday related to needed sleep or even just being fed up. It’s crazy how accurate they are. I think memes definitely act as a promoter for some things as well. Because they spread so fast, they can advertise products if they successfully spread

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Image Editing

It was pretty easy finding the images I wanted to use for this project but GIMP was not as easy to use as I thought it was going to be; there is a lot to it. There are so many different tools you can use and it was hard to recognize what use each symbol matched with. However, the tutorial was somewhat useful when figuring out how to navigate through GIMP. It’s actually a really useful application and you can create a lot of cool images with it. It will definitely be beneficial in my field of study, Public Relations, considering many aspects of this profession now require individuals to have sufficient knowledge in using these kinds of resources.  I became more comfortable as I played around with it for a while.

In order to complete my image, I had the first layer be the biggest picture, which was the sunset on the beach. From there I layered on three separate images of Polaroid pictures that were also beach themed. I tried to keep the colors consistent with one another; as you can see they all relate to evenings on the beach. The lines were very hard when the polaroids were left as is so I turned the opaqueness of each one way down, then rotated them so they overlapped each other. Overall, I’m happy with the way my image came out.

Zines and the Digital Media

Zines were previously used as self-published, sub-cultured pieces of material. In a published article, Stephen Duncombe stated, “In an era marked by the centralization of corporate media, zines are independent and localized, coming out of cities, suburbs, and small towns across the USA, assembled on kitchen tables”. zines relate to the emergence of digital media because they allowed people to create their own cultures. they set the stage for technologies like blogs and other social media sites like twitter and Facebook. these are modernized tools for sharing opinions, thoughts and information with the public. as technology emerges, new forms of expressing thought are created. along with that, they are are accessible in more than one way. they can be read through print media or online.   zine